1. Sue Glick said:

    There is no participating shop within 200 miles of where I live. How do we get the patterns to share with our quilt guild and bees?

    • Gail Bean said:

      Please encourage the shops that are within 200 miles of where you live to participate.

  2. JW said:

    There are no quilt shops in my area participating or other wise seems there would be away for us to be able to participate also. So sad my group would have loved to join in.

  3. Roseanne said:

    I can see doing these at home. Do you have to go to one of the participating shops or will we be emailed the patterns?

  4. Deeann Fuglaar said:

    I have taken advantage of some of the Sew Days in the past couple of years. Even got my daughter-in-law and granddaughter to join one time. I have a question for for the current year 2020. How will we be able to do get the projects under the current social distancing, limited number of people allowed in gatherings, or indeed some shops not currently open due to local/state restrictions?