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#SewDays Classes

#SewDays Classes

– JULY 12 – AUGUST 16, 2021 – Are you taking part in SEW DAYS? Sign up today for 6 one-day classes, beginning the week of July 12, finishing the week of August 16, 2021. You do NOT have to attend week-one to participate in any of the following weeks. The class fee is only



Welcome to QuiltRed, where quilters and quilt shop owners work together to raise awareness about the importance of women’s heart health.As women, when we hear about heart disease, many of us make the mistake of assuming that heart disease is a “man’s disease.” But the sad truth is that one in four women in the

PJ Party Days

–November 16-17, 2018– PJ Party Days is a designed to be just plain fun for quilt shop owners, quilters and anyone with an interest in fabric. This event, held annually on the third weekend of November, encourages retailers and their customers to enjoy some fun activities (while wearing PJs of course) and relax before the big

Red Ribbon Days

– October 5-6, 2018– Red Ribbon Days is a time to wrap-up the experiences of the year and plan homemade gifts to celebrate the year-end! This event, held annually on the first weekend of October, is intended to bring retailers and their customers together to celebrate the accomplishments of the year gone by while planning ways

I Love Fabric Days

–August 19-21, 2021– I Love Fabric Days is a worldwide celebration for everyone who loves fabric! This event, held annually at the end of the third week of August, is intended to bring retailers and fabric lovers together to celebrate their shared commitment to fabric and all the ways we use it. In 2021,  I Love