I Love Fabric Days – Quilting Memes (12)

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ILFD2023 Fabric shopping is my favorite sport
ILFD2023 My sewing needle is my magic wand

ILFD2023 Just like eating one cookie is never enough - one yard of fabric is never enough

ILFD2023 I have all the fabric I need - said no one ever
ILFD2023 Fabricologist - one who has perfected the art of collecting fabric
ILFD2023 I'm a quilter - my favorite hobby Is collecting fabric
ILFD2023 I meant to be good at the fabric store - but then I got out of the car and went in
ILFD2023 I will not buy anymore fabric until I use up my stash I said - then I laughed and laughed
ILFD2023 Never underestimate the power of a woman with a sewing machine
ILFD2023 May your days be filled with fabric and your bobbin always full
ILFD2023 I'm a material girl, wanna see my fabric collection
ILFD2023 Only a fool says it's just fabric